About us

The FLIP+ e-assessment community was officially launched as a non-profit association in June 2019.

It grew from first conversations dating back to January 2017 between the official education assessment bodies from four countries (France-Luxembourg-Italy-Portugal: hence the acronym) who were seeking solutions to common challenges in e-assessment. The assessment centre (CAEd) from Brazil joined this initial group in 2018, and ever since several other institutions and bodies from many countries have expressed their interest in the initiative.

Sharing is the keyword of FLIP+ members. In this context, the community addresses the opportunities, challenges and solutions that education systems are exploring during the transition from paper-based assessments (PBA) to computer-based assessments (CBA) to better measure student performance in education. These include cost reduction, technology-enhanced assessments, adaptive testing, real-time feedback into learning, which themselves give rise to new challenges (such as usability, security, equipment and digital divide).

Through the FLIP+ collaboration, the association aims to contribute knowledge, technology systems and tools as well as digital content to education systems that are seeking to create a robust test delivery platform which supports “large to very-large-scale assessment”.


Within the FLIP+ e-assessment community, members can share:

  • Knowledge and experiences in e-assessment related to robust open-source solutions for very-large-scale assessment, formative e-learning, professional development related to e-learning, research initiatives such as user-experience, big data analytics and many others.
  • Technology development including interoperable technology-enhanced items and student tools, building of sharing systems, delivery of e-assessment and integrated systems such as marking, reporting, analytics and learning.
  • Content (item library) for the administration of e-assessments – these should be secure, valid and reliable and should meet standard criteria and guidelines.

FLIP+ Association Statutes

Founding Board members

President: Roberto Ricci, INVALSI, Italy
Vice-President: Helder Sousa, Portugal
Vice-President: Manuel Palacios, CAEd, Brazil
Secretary: Amina Afif, SCRIPT, Luxembourg
Treasurer: Thierry Rocher, DEPP, France

Partners and resources