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FLIP Steering Meeting in Paris, 25th of March 2019


The FLIP coordinating team met for a one-day meeting on the 25th of March 2019 to draw up the legal aspects of the collaboration. In order to identify the initiative with the idea of openness and common shared interest in the field of electronic assessment, the partnership was renamed the FLIP+ e-assessment community.

During this meeting, the team also discussed the road map priorities related to technical developments and outlined strategies for sharing content. The agenda of the upcoming FLIP+ event in Rome in June 2019 was discussed in detail. Invitations to the event, a draft agenda and the instructions for registration will be sent out by mid-April.

Save the Date – Second FLIP Event in Rome 6th-7th June 2019


The second FLIP event will be held in Rome on the 6th – 7th of June 2019. More information and registration form will be available soon!

FLIP Joint Developments


A FLIP-developer community was set up in January 2019 in order to exchange information and share experience on technical aspects of the e-assessment, as well as to share progress on joint FLIP developments. Up to now, two joint developments – an offline e-assessment solution and an app solution (both based on TAO) – have been undertaken by three member countries: France, Portugal and Brazil.

FLIP Steering Meeting in Lisbon 5th-7th December 2018


The FLIP coordinating team met in Lisbon on 5th-7th of December 2018 to further discuss the legal and technical aspects of the partnership and to plan the next FLIP event that will take place in Rome in June 2019.

FLIP steering meeting in Lisbon, 5th – 7th of December 2018

The First FLIP Event in Paris 18th-19th of June 2018

The 1st FLIP event took place in Paris on 18th – 19th of June 2018. Altogether 55 participants from 17 different countries took part in this meeting. This wide interest indicated a promising start to a fruitful and long-lasting community.

This first FLIP event provided a great opportunity for rich inputs and exchanges between participants. Country reports from current FLIP members France, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Brazil were presented.

This was followed by an introduction to an open standard ecosystem IMS and a demonstration of an open source assessment product TAO.

Multiple extended roadmap sessions were then held, addressing issues such as assessment platform functionalities, security and data protection, data analytics and reporting, item banking and technology enhanced items, etc.

A first brainstorming regarding the legal organization of the partnership and the setting-up of a technical community was done during the two community-building sessions. The intention is to draw up a more formal framework that would define FLIP’s governance structure and mode of functioning as well as detailing how costs would be shared.

First FLIP event in Paris, 18th – 19th of June 2018

Feedback from the participants of the event showed an overall satisfaction and interest towards the event and the initiative. All participants responding to the feedback survey found the content of the first FLIP event programme interesting and varied and the organization of the first FLIP event entirely satisfactory. Participants also found the first FLIP event to be professionally useful.

75% of the respondents noted that they were already involved in the FLIP partnership or willing to play an active role in it in the future.

The participants showed most interest towards the following developments: portal for reporting assessment results, (online) and interoperable marking system, and technology-enhanced items.